Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready for the end of school?

Apparently I will be ready at the end of school for my Teacher thank you notes!  Thanks to a challenge from the Caardvarks blog to use a sticker - a "Stuck on You" challenge!  I started in paper crafting as a scrapbooker.  Then I met my first rubber stamp...and the scrapbooking goodies took a spot in the back of the craft closet!  In fact, I have a whole binder of stickers I *hoarded* when my boys were younger to use in their scrapbooks...but once I met rubberstamps...who needs stickers?  A sticker you use once...a rubber stamp  you can use tons of times!  Anyway...I dug out the old binder and pulled out some cute preschool stickers, worked them into the FTL 79 layout on Clean and Simple Stamping with some bright, primary colors and VOILA...I don't need to be a crazy lady in June!  Well, not because of needing thank you notes, anyway!  :) 


  1. Love the primary colors and the sweet image. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How very cute!! You have yourself a wonderful collection of teacher thank you cards.


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