Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now, this is the way every stamper wants to find her workspace...a card, a single red rose and no sign of all of the men in the house! They went to the auto show...a total testosterone I was able to find some valentines day stamp love!

I had already made Valentines, so I tried a challenge - and it was TOO challenging for me! I, apparently, was born with a severe dislike for the color purple. Sharon's challenge over at No Time to Stamp was to use green and purple! I'm not a pastel girl. This was hard for me. I went through lots of ideas...but they just don't work for me. I had to go back to the earth tones where I find comfort and go from there with a little purple highlight. (the butterflies really are purple...though they seem a little gray here!) I could use some "gifts of spring" as we are expecting a little more snow here in Maryland tomorrow!

I even made the Valentine for my husband a "snowy" one! I do love the sentiment, though..."love you snow very much." There's also the one for my grandma...should we ever resume mail service over here! Can't get to the mailboxes!


  1. I LOVE your purple and green card -- totally LOVE it!!! Great style and so pretty. And I am chuckling - so many women playing this challenge have commented that they don't like purple! NEWS to me! I honestly thought EVERY girl liked purple -- LOL!!! Too funy -- but you used it WELL!!! So glad you played the Stamp Simply Challenge this week!

  2. Hello Shannon!!! Welcome to the blogoland too! I really loved your Gifts of spring card! It's awesome!!


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