Thursday, February 11, 2010

Learning to link

OK...I have sooooo many blogs I love to follow or visit for inspiration. Well, sometimes, when inspiration isn't striking, it's purely for "find-an-idea-and-try-to-copy-it" purposes. Thus, I MUST learn to link to others' great ideas! Here we go!

This card was inspired by Susan (LateBlossom), whose blog was the first I subscribed to. (I'm sure she'd love my butchering of the English language here, too! Ooops!) Oh well. Though the idea isn't in the same "feeling", I loved the idea of popping the main panel up and having an image peek through! Here's my take on it:

Well, I'm about to finish this first post with a link and a picture. I can tell that there better be more snow here in Maryland so that I can practice! (I think I'm going to be come very well acquainted with the macro function on my camera.)

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