Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where, oh where, has my mojo gone?

Wow...last blog activity was March 15!  The big lag in posting?  We went to a 4 day (yes, 4!) scrapbooking get-a-way!  You would think this is a good thing...but it's having the opposite effect on me.  I totally enjoyed my time with my friend, Anne...but cleaning up, organizing and packing up all of your crafting goodies to take with you puts a dent in your creativity "flow."  (at least, it does in mine!)   And then, all of your goodies that you NEED after you get there - are home in the cabinets where you stashed them all because you were SURE you WOULDN'T NEED them when you got to the crop!  :) 

Then you pack it all up again and getting it all back out of the car to start stamping at home (I finished 2 event scrapbooks and stamped and colored a ton of images at the crop) I just didn't have the energy.  So it all sat there ALL WEEK.  UNHEARD OF!!  I'm hoping next week will be better...but it's Spring Break.  Kids at home!!

I was able to do at least one challenge this weekend.  A new challenge blog over at Picture Perfect Creations.  Megan is also looking for crafters (any craft will do!  love that!) to be members of her newly forming design team.  This weeks challenge was a color challenge...eggplant, pink and so saffron.  I have a bad "relationship" with purple as it throwing it into the mix like that threw me...but I gave it a shot.  And I actually ended up likeing it.  I think it actually looks better irl.

I need to get going on a baby girl card...those new neighbors I made the welcome card for...they have a new baby girl!  How exciting.  I also found out that another two teachers at our school are expecting!  Wow!  As I said before...I'm not drinking any water that comes from that school!  Enjoy the rest of the week!

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