Monday, March 15, 2010

Giddy - does anyone use that word anymore?

My parents used to use that word...giddy.  It was usually to describe my sister and me when we were being giggly and silly at the dinner table. You know, when you can't wipe away the grin or giggles?? Well, I've got that feeling...and it's thanks to Stacey and the Curtain Call Crew!  I was chosen as one of the top 5 Curtain Call Show Stoppers for this cardGiddy, I tell you!! (How many exclamation points can you use before it's just obscene?!) 

Well...back to the real world!  We visited my Mom for her birthday this weekend.  Still about 3 feet of snow on the ground out in Western Maryland.  ICK.  Before we left, there were new neighbors moving in, so I had to pop a card in their mail box before we left.  With not many houses are selling lately, and I've not had to make any "welcome" or "home sweet home" cards. So, now's the time! Here's a quick creation - a little monochromatic action.  I realized I don't really have many "home sweet home" type stamps.  (Do I feel a trip to the craft store??? hmmmm?)  Apparently I'll get to make a new baby card soon for them, too! They're expecting in just a few weeks. How exciting!

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  1. You do very nice work!! I've just spent some time on your blog and I think its very appropriately named!! You just got another follower :)


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