Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christmas in....March?

Yes, in March!  I'm so glad I found the Christmas Cards all Year 'Round blog!  This is a procrastinator's dream come true.  If you make the monthy challenge cards (five of them) you'll end up with 60 cards by Christmas!  This is my first time entering in the challenge...I can't wait for next month's challenge.  I set aside a box to keep them all in so I'm ready to go come Christmas!

Above is a Snowman on a mostly green card (the challenge requirements).  He has a green stickles scarf and hat and a little frosted lace stickles for the icy coating on the snow at the bottom.  There he is below with his little snowy friends.  Hope they don't melt before Christmas!

What??? Three posts in one day??  Yep.  There was a major water main break here in Baltimore...there are still 15,000 of us without water since SATURDAY!  YUCK!  I'm finished living like a pioneer...heating water on the stove for a "shower".   It's trying to come back on today...cross your fingers for me!  But it made for lots of time at home since businesses and schools in the area are closed.  (I work at the school my youngest son we're all home.)  Sam (12) is hoping against me that the "drought" continues...since he could care less about showering (eeewwww!) and he's geting out of school, homework and mandatory state testing that was supposed to start Monday! 


  1. Wow Shannon you will have a heap of gorgeous christmas cards made. Just LOVE this set of snowmen cards, very elegant! Thanks for joining in the christmas fun at CCAYR with us :-)

  2. Love your cards, Shannon!!! Great job!

    Thanks for participating in the Christmas Cards All Year 'Round challenge last month.Be sure to check out the new challenge posted today!

  3. I love your snowmen, great card! Thanks for playing with us at CCAYR!

  4. Shannon, You won a prize at CCAYR! Congrats!

  5. I just was mentioning in a post about winning the march challenge on the fun Christmas Cards All Year Long! What a great challenge...since it helps to add Christmas cards to the old card box! Thanks to Deanne, Lesley, Liz and all of the ladies at CCAYR!!


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