Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's slowly coming back...thank goodness!

The stamping mojo, that is!  I checked Mary Jo's blog for her Monday lunchtime sketch (I know it's SUNDAY, but like I said...I've been creatively "out of it" all week!)  and I had to run and try it.  This is a mix up of all of the ideas that swam around in my head this week, but never made it out onto paper!  I have been seeing orange/green/blue combos lately.  I LOVE THEM - considering my favorite colors are earth tones!  And I got some new blue ribbon (it's wide so I wasn't sure what to do with it) that totally fit this sketch!  (Remind me to tell you later about my new favorite place on earth - besides wherever stamps are sold!  Hint:  ribbon at discount prices!!  wuhoo!!)  Lastly, a friend at work (thank you, Emily) cleaned out her stamping supplies because she has no time to craft.  She gave me a whole box (like Christmas morning, I tell you!) and I found these cute little flip flops inside.  There were a lot of supplies I already had, so I passed them along to another friend that's just starting her lifelong obsession  addiction  sickness  hobby.  Anyway, I moved my scallops on over to the side and I ended up with this:

I stopped by my new favorite place on earth...the Offray Ribbon OUTLET.   YES, there is such a thing.  Near here, the Offray Ribbon company has a manufacturing plant, and extras, oops-es and overages make it into their little outlet store.  It's like going to Michaels with 8,000  40% off coupons and getting to use EVERY ONE at check out!  I'm thinking of sharing my good-ribbon-fortune (and there's lots of it) on my Etsy site (which I haven't updated in FOREVER)...anyone interested?  I'm thinking 4 or 5 yard lengths, priced depending on type of ribbon and whatever great price it happened to be.  I know I wanted every spool I found...but I'm HAPPY to share!!  I'll keep thinking it through and let you know!  I'm so happy to know about this, because I use ribbon on almost every card and I don't like when I have to think, "should I use's so expensive..." This ribbon solves that problem...using INSTEAD of hoarding...what a novel idea! 


  1. What a fun card. Love the flip flops and the saying along the side. Thanks so much for playing along with my sketch challenge this week.

  2. You have many beautiful cards on your blog. TFS


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