Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cool cards on a hot day!

I mentioned having to still do my June cards for the Christmas Cards All Year 'Round blog challenge.  Their challenge for June was to use a bright color and your fave embellishment.  So here it is, heat index over 100 in the balmy Baltimore area, and I'm making Christmas cards!!  It was a little Arctic escape!  But I refused to go outside into the heat and take the pictures...and it shows!  The poor paper snowmen may have melted out there!  The cards are actually white, folks...even though they look cream colored!  (bad indoor flash!!)  Anyway, I used Kiwi ribbon and Pacific Point as my bright colors.  I always include ribbon...but lately, my fave embellishments are I used ribbon and stickles (on his nose and his popped up scarf)s.  I can always use thank you notes at Christmastime, so I actually made 6 of them! 

Here he is with all of his melting friends

And now for a complete seasonal U-turn!!!

I also went the exact opposite direction in season to do a summer challenge over at Stamp Something -- where this is my first time entering a challenge...and apparently I'm in GREAT company (which I always consider to be on all stamping sites!), as there are so far 244 entries!!  WOW!  Lots of summery challenges out there this week, with it being the first "official" week of summer and all...and certainly feeling like it around here.  This one went bathing suits and sparkle.  Again with the bad indoor photo...this is actually su! pink pirouette...and it looks way more peachy. (sorry...I wasn't stepping out into the sauna that was our backyard this afternoon, even if it was for bikinis!) 


  1. I love the snowman! He is fun and the colour is snappy:)

  2. Great cards, snowmen are my favorite! Thanks for playing with us at CCAYR!

  3. Love your snowman card Shannon!


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