Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FTL 94 for the end of school!

Hooray!  The end of school is Friday!  This year, going back to work part time at my son's school has been interesting to say the least.  I have that same end-of-the-year-itis that the kids get!  Having taught (in my previous life before kids!) I love to give little gifts to teachers that went above and beyond for my children during the school year.  I'd love to do more, but the budget is this year, I really wanted to get something useful, but thrifty. I settled on a set of 12 multi-colored dry erase markers.  Being in the building as a sub, I bet 1/2 of the rooms I go into the dry erase markers are dried up and worn out when I try to use them during a lesson.  Well, now there will be new ones for next year!  I wrapped them in kraft paper and attached a note that says "thank you for leaving a positive 'mark' on our child".  Simple, under $4 and useful.  I'm also including a card that uses the Clean and Simple challenge this week.  The samples people have entered are great!  I'll need to go back and case!!

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