Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharing the Satin and Grosgrain Goodness!

I finally got the posts done for some of the ribbon I'm listing on my ETSY site!  Have a look.  I'm so happy to be able to share this satin and grosgrain goodness with other stampers, cardmakers and crafters.  I'm lucky enough to drive past the Offray Ribbon Factory when we visit my parents.  They have an outlet store there (yes, I know...GASP!!) and I love to stop in.  I figured that some of you may want to add to your ribbon stashes, too!

The ribbons found in the outlet are usually overstock, overruns or end-of-runs.  Sometimes they end up in the outlet because the color is not what the end client wanted.  (ok...more for me!)  Sometimes there are defects.  When I purchase something that actually has a defect in it, it's usually in printing - like a french dot pattern or something.  But the news keeps getting better...if it's not "craft-able", I donate it to my son's school for their craft projects.  A happy ending for some sad ribbon!  :)

I've considered the ribbon I find from there to be a real treasue chest for my stamping and card making addiction!  A lot of times, I would buy a ribbon at a craft store or specialty scrapping or stamping store only to be held back by the price.  You know..."I'm saving that for just the perfect project" syndrome.  Luckily, I don't need to do that with this ribbon.  The outlet pricing makes it affordable for me to buy AND use.  And I do...almost anything you'd see posted on my blog is made with their ribbons.  Luckily, that helps my local customers, too, as I can keep my card prices low.

Oh well, enough about that.  Give it a try if you're interested.  Email me with any questions.  I'll try to add more colors as soon as I can.

Happy crafting!!

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