Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chef Kelly Jo's pink, white and black challenge

A great combo for the color chef challenge!  I love pink, black and white!  The first attempt was to "kill a few birds" with the one "challenge stone"... a mothers day card, a CASE I'd been wanting to try and the colors of the challenge.  I'd loved the CASE Susan (lateblossom) did so, CASEd her in return!  (remember the old faberge shampoo commercials??  you tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends...ha, ha!)  The Mother quote is computer generated. 

I had to try another the clean and simple style!

Anyway, I came across a sticker that I'd had for a while and couldn't figure what to do with.  (ever happen to you???  no, i'm sure it doesn't!  ha, ha!!)  But it was pink...i wanted to see how it would stand out on the black paper..and voila...another challenge card!

see what I mean...I love the flourish...but it's a large sticker.  Almost all of my cards call out for ribbon...and i couldn't figure out how to put some on this card without covering up more of the flourish.  So I wrapped it around a white panel on which I stamped the sentiment from Close To My Heart.  Definitely different!  here's the ribbon:

I also got a few little treats made...hugs and kisses in a bag.  I always like little treat bags for holidays.  This time, I found a little $1 stamp at Michaels that awas a "coupon" for a hug. How cute to stamp a few and put them in with some Hershey Kisses???   Topped off with an SU stamp that says "hugs and kisses".
I also wanted a few little treats for "just in case" and a few little get well packages (one co worker has pneumonia!).  While I know these won't cure anyone, it's nice to know someone is thinking about you.   (And if you didn't feel that way, you wouldn't be here looking at this stuff, would you?)   Nice people, stampers and paper crafters, huh???   wink, wink.

I had seen the get well "soup envelopes" on another blog while I surfing.  I remember I wrote down her info...even remember her name since it was Shannon...just like me.  But I'll be darned if I can find it again.  Sorry!!!  I made them to still fit into an envelope if need be (minus the spoon!). 
The other treat was also inspired by another crafter.  I see her work on many challenges, too.  Vicki had made these great Valentine treats that I had to try for myself.  If you ever read all of the stuff I blather on and on about, you'll know that I'm a lazy stamper.  I didn't make pockets inside of mine...I glue dotted two Ghirardelli chocolate squares inside and gave a few out at V-day.  (one of our Secretaries still has it on her desk...that's when you KNOW you made someone's day!)  The pic is my CASE of her original found here.   Then I loved the concept so much that I tried to think what else I could fit in those cute little treats.  I opted for tea bags.  I found these cute tea "packs" of herbal tea (4 bags per foil pack) and glue dotted them into the inside.  I had the (a muse) tea cup stamp, but I had to computer generate the sentiment. (the small pic shows the tea bags in there.)

Well, I'd say that's waaaaay too much for one post.  Thanks for visiting!  Have a great, creative week!

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  1. My oh my, Shannon! You have started out blogging with a bang! And already a showstopper! Congratulations! Love the cleans and simple cards you've created. Hope you can join us again at the Curtain Call!


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