Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color Q and Aussie Thanks!

I wanted to play along with the Color Q challenge this week.  They are always so much fun to see how everyone uses the same colors.  There were a lot of colors "required" this week, but the inspiration picture reminded me of some paper I had used for a baby book when my nephew was born...almost 4 years ago now!  (insert craft supply hoarding joke here.)  This is for my friend Mary (a teacher I work with) who will be very glad when the school year is over!  She just needs a little help getting there...and what better way to help out than a little lift in PTI's cute car?  (Mary has a yellow VW bug...but that just didn't fit in the color challenge!)  I added a little crystal effects for a "windshield". 

I also want to update everyone and express our thanks to Aimee and her Mom, Jessica, at Aimee's Challenge Blog.  The ladies run a challenge blog for moms and kids...which I've mentioned before is a wonderful idea.  I've seen a few more popping up.  Charlie, my 8 year old, played along a while ago and we were thrilled to see that he'd won.  Well, the excellent mail came a bit ago...and he was excited!  I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the stamp has a kangaroo on it!  He loved it.  I think the postmarks and stamp were almost as exciting as winning and the goodies inside.  Also, I have to mention that there was a note inside from Jessica that Aimee thought with Charlie being a boy, he may not like the heart stickers that were the prize for the they included some cool sparkly blue star stickers.  Just so you know, Aimee, they are all over his school folder and agenda where he writes his homework!  Thanks again and continued success with your challenge!  I'm sure we'll be back to play soon as baseball season ends! 


  1. What a fun card and CUTE little boy....oh my goodness, he is going to break some hearts with those sweet eyes and smile! :D

  2. What a great idea!! I think I have a similiar stamp set with the "bug" car. Bravo!!

    Congrats to your adorable son too!!!

  3. Love your card ... and the cool windshield! So cute!!

    And your son is just adorable ... what a cutie-pie!!

  4. Yay, you're back!!! Cute card and that windshield is a great idea!! Glad you're back ;)


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